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What is an Apprenticeship?


It’s no secret that the construction industry is facing a shortage of skilled and talented labor. More and more construction projects are popping up every day but the number of laborers able to complete the work is going down. Many tradespeople are reaching retirement age and there aren’t enough young adults choosing a career in […]

The “Non-Hotel” Hotel

hotel design

Change is coming for hotel design and construction. A recent BD+C article featuring Gensler’s Sleep Set concept reveals a look into the future of how our hotels will be designed, built, and ultimately used. Gensler’s concept comes as a result of their research on what the newest generation of hotel guests want to see in […]

Why Building Automation is Taking Over

Building automation

For building owners and facility managers, keeping a building’s mechanical systems working properly and efficiently can be a huge headache. This is where building automation and controls come in. Today’s building automation technology can have a huge impact on the way your facility operates. OCCUPANT COMFORT Whether your building occupants are hotel guests, office employees […]

Common Construction Scheduling Mistakes

construction scheduling

In the construction industry, schedules are extremely important. Being behind schedule on a project can lose you a customer. Creating an accurate construction schedule requires a great deal of thought and attention to detail. Below is a list of some common scheduling mistakes to watch out for. Common Scheduling Mistakes: Failure to consider resources. Contractors […]

Four Reasons to Consider a career as a Pipefitter


Job demand & security. There are currently not enough pipefitters to meet the demand of the construction industry. With unions and contractors alike hungry for new talent, a career in pipefitting will mean quick job placement. There will always be a need for skilled fitters to help build and maintain our buildings which makes for […]

“Flushing” out the Plumbing Trade

Plumber Foremen

If you like working with your hands, enjoy a challenge, and want a job that’s in high demand, then the plumbing trade is definitely something for you to consider! Plumbing is a profitable and rewarding career for many in the skilled trades. “Leaking” the Details on Plumbing As a plumber, every day presents something new […]

Right Tools Leads to Success for Contractors

MMC right tools

The Right Tools  The age-old saying “the right tool for the job” is all too important when it comes to construction sites. The best contractors in the industry know that equipping their team with the proper tools and equipment to do their jobs is necessary for a project to be successful. Safety On job sites, […]

Hoisting Trees & Posing with Shovels

In the construction world, milestones are often accompanied by traditions and ceremonies. These rituals are commonplace among contractors, architects and building owners but to the random passerby, Christmas trees being hoisted to the top of buildings and men and women in business suits shoveling dirt could appear strange. Groundbreaking Groundbreaking is a traditional ceremony for the […]


ladder safety

Whether you’re on a construction site accessing an install area or you’re at home replacing an out-of-reach light bulb, the risks and safety precautions for using stepladders are the same. In an article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the author includes some powerful statistics pointing out that “In the United States, […]