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In a 2016 article from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the author cites that “more than 20,000 workplace eye injuries happen each year.” Step on a construction site and immediately your eyes are exposed to debris from wood, metal and glass. Harsh chemicals, dirt particles and sparks from arc welding are all additional hazards that […]

Student Housing: From Dorms to Community Dwellings

If you follow any building or design news publications, then you’ve probably noticed an influx of articles on trends in student housing.  It would appear that the days of traditional dormitories are coming to an end.  If you’re thinking this means the end of small living quarters, think again. Student bedroom sizes are expected to […]

Why the Trimble Layout Method Beats Traditional

Trimble technology is being used more and more frequently during the layout process on construction sites. There are several advantages to the Trimble layout method that contribute to its growing use in the industry. First and foremost, Trimble layout is much faster than traditional layout. One person can complete a layout faster than two people […]