Mechanical Services for Education & Government

Mechanical Services for Education & Local Government

Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors has experience working with educational facilities and local government buildings to create a more comfortable, energy efficient and healthier indoor environment. We design, build, and maintain mechanical systems for buildings in the public sector.

HVAC Systems

We design and build HVAC systems for schools and local government that will perform efficiently and prioritize comfort. Our large team of highly skilled professionals can provide HVAC systems for even the most complex new construction or retrofit projects.

Plumbing Systems

We deliver complete plumbing systems for the public sector including waste pipes, water systems, vent pipes, plumbing fixtures, booster pumps, automated hand washing, mixing valve stations, drains, and more.


We perform off-site fabrication in our state-of-the-art facility. We have extensive experience providing plumbing, sheet metal, pipefitting, and modular fabrication services.

Building Controls & Automation

MMC provides building controls and automation technology including HVAC control, enterprise security systems, lighting and smart room control, dashboard management, electrical power monitoring systems, energy analytics, and total facility integration.

Service & Maintenance

Our Service Division can provide maintenance, service, and repairs for building mechanical systems. Our preventative maintenance services extend the life of your equipment, diagnose and correct problems before they become large and costly, and help to minimize expensive repairs.

Indoor Air Quality

Clean indoor air can help improve the health of occupants of schools and government buildings. We provide UV lighting and bipolar ionization to purify the air in your building.

Cooperative Purchasing Through TIPS-USA

You can streamline your procurement process with MMC through a cooperative contract with TIPS-USA. We work with TIPS-USA to provide procurement resources for local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, K-12 schools, and higher education institutions. Cooperative contracts save time by eliminating the need to send projects out for bid and give customers access to competitive pricing.

To learn more about our services for government and education applications or for more information on cooperative contracts, contact us today.

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