Women in Construction | Leader Spotlights

Learn more about the Women Leaders at Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors

mmc - women in constructionMetropolitan Mechanical Contractors and APi Group strive to bring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into our workspaces and we are proud to celebrate Women in Construction Week 2024.

Our team of women leaders are the “Keys to the Future,” this year’s theme for 2024 WIC Week. They bring strength and knowledge to the construction industry. As exemplified by our leaders, Women are not afraid to continue to learn and find answers, ask the questions and absorb information from those surrounding them. May each member of our team continue to grow in their roles at MMC and help tell their story to the future generation of women in the construction industry.

Roles Our Women Leaders Hold at MMC

Our team of women leaders at MMC is diverse. We have project managers and company leaders to plumbers, hvac technicians and team support staff. We are always looking for qualified candidates to bring us to the next level regardless their gender. Looking for a new job? View our open positions today. Some positions our women in construction hold are:

  1. Senior Team Lead
  2. Assistant Project Manager
  3. Apprentice Plumber
  4. Service Operations Manager
  5. Controller
  6. Accounting Manager

Learn More About the Women Leaders at MMC

Each person has a story in their professional journey and this adventure called life! Highlighted below are a few of our Women in Construction team members at MMC. Some breakthrough moments worth considering from our leaders:

  1. Have the courage to say YES even if you aren’t 100% qualified.
  2. Continue to learn and break the down the barrier of “not needing to know that.”
  3. Learn from those surrounding you and accept the challenge to be the best in the field.
  4. Be proud of the work you have accomplished and excitement to each chapter of your journey.
  5. Go outside your comfort zone, allow yourself to be uncomfortable as you learn new things, meet new people, start new chapters. Success will follow.
  6. Listen to your gut.
  7. Surround yourself with people who believe in you.

Allie Westerlund - WIC

Emily Smith - WIC

Krista Kellen - WIC

Haley Brennan - WIC

Kylah Schumacher - WIC

Marisa Holtz - WIC

Shawn Berger - WIC