Safety at MMC

A Company-Wide Commitment

MMC is committed to providing a safe working environment for all our employees. We know that everyone deserves to work in a place that is free of hazards and to be provided adequate safety equipment in order to eliminate worksite accidents. Concern for the safety of our employees is our greatest responsibility.

Unsafe working practices by individuals can often lead to accidents, even in safe environments. MMC provides ongoing training to all employees, ensuring that each individual understands that he or she is responsible for contributing to work safety. We strive towards eliminating both unsafe practices and conditions; we comply with all federal, state and local regulations governing the workplace.

Safety is an integral part of how we do business and we have adopted a plan to carry out that philosophy. We offer jobsite safety audits, on-site training, and computer based safety training among many of our safety services.

Construction Safety Program:

  • Full time safety director
  • Comprehensive computer based training accessible to all employees
  • Extensive safety training for all MMC supervisors
  • New employee safety orientation
  • Real-time, daily and weekly jobsite inspections with documentation
  • Pre-job and pre-task planning with foremen/project managers
  • Weekly toolbox talks directed at jobsite safety
  • Prompt and thorough investigations of every loss to determine cause and to take corrective orders

Contact us about jobsite safety audits or a construction safety program.

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