Mechanical Systems Engineering and Design-Build Services

Smarter Designs for Smarter Builds

Here at MMC, we understand the importance of a smart design. Smarter designs mean smarter builds. Projects are designed only once, ensuring no surprises during the construction phase. From the initial estimate to the final transfer of files, our engineering team is committed to bringing you the best proposal possible.

Engineer of Record

Our professional engineers and experienced designers coordinate to form a highly specialized team that completes the preconstruction phase of the project. The team works diligently in order to provide the customer with a seamless solution for the mechanical systems. Our design will stay within your budget and allow you a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Building Performance

Even when the preconstruction phase moves into the construction phase, our engineers are committed to the project. They work together with the tradesmen and project managers to avoid future performance issues. We want to exceed your expectations and to do this we need to provide you with the ultimate mechanical systems solution.

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