Healthcare Construction and the Patient Experience

Anyone in the healthcare construction knows that patient experience is the number one priority. Patients come to hospitals and healthcare clinics to heal, receive treatment, and give birth. Healthcare facilities want to provide patients with the best possible environment to heal… Continue Reading

The Critical Role of Construction Foremen

Many skilled and experienced construction foremen are retiring along with the many other Baby Boomers retiring across all industries. This means construction leadership roles will need to be filled by younger generations of employees. The role of foreman or superintendent… Continue Reading


Construction foremen are in high demand right now as more and more foremen retire. The role of foreman is an extremely important one in the construction world. Foremen lead the crews on the project. They are the middleman between the… Continue Reading


The healthcare industry is moving towards prefabrication and modular construction methods. With a shortage of skilled labor, the level of expertise that complex healthcare facilities require is harder to come by. As a result, owners, architects, and contractors alike are… Continue Reading


A career as a construction manager is rewarding. As a project manager, you’re directly impacting the construction of the buildings we learn, live, work, and heal in. While it’s an exciting job, it is also a challenging one. We’re taking… Continue Reading

Wellness in Office Construction & Design

The demand for wellness amenities and features in the workplace is at an all-time high. Occupants and owners alike are driving the demand for wellness-focused office construction and design that attracts talent and supports employee health. There’s even a WELL… Continue Reading

What Makes Healthcare HVAC Systems Unique

Commercial facilities have the same basic HVAC and plumbing systems: air conditioning, heating, piping for water and waste. However, healthcare buildings require specialized equipment. Hospitals have unique mechanical system needs ranging from the type of filters used to special equipment… Continue Reading

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