Condition Monitoring Solutions

Remotely Assess the Health of Your Building’s Machines and Equipment

Stay in the know about the condition of your mechanical equipment with condition monitoring services from MMC. We provide effective condition monitoring solutions using the latest and most advanced technology to enable you to access real-time data about the performance of your building’s machines and equipment.

MMC can install monitoring sensors on new or existing equipment to help prevent costly breakdowns, reduce unplanned downtime, help ensure the longevity of your systems, and improve energy efficiency. Our condition monitoring nodes attach to a piece of rotating equipment to track vibration, temperature, and energy usage data. This data is sent to a gateway that sends it to the cloud where it can be viewed on your computer's dashboard.

Vibration Analysis: Identify Issues in Time for Action

Condition monitoring sensors detect the slightest changes in vibration patterns which are early indicators of machine failure due to imbalanced components, misalignment, general wear, or misuse of equipment. This allows you to be proactive instead of reactive when performing maintenance on the mechanical systems in your building. Regular assessments of the health of your equipment allow you to predict and prevent potential failures that could be very costly to your business.

Our conditional monitoring nodes can track the performance of:

  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Fans
  • Freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Compressors
  • Garage doors, and more.

MMC’s team includes vibration analysis certified personnel and technicians with years of experience performing predictive maintenance for mechanical systems. We work with various applications, including schools and colleges, healthcare facilities, refineries, industrial plants, data centers, hotels, and more.

Benefits of Condition Monitoring

  • Wireless design for easy installation
  • Sensors work together allowing condition monitoring on a large scale
  • Fully configurable making it easy to make changes
  • Predicts machines’ risk of malfunction
  • Helps improve efficiency
  • Prevent/plan machine downtime
  • Stand-alone product

Be Proactive with Mechanical System Maintenance

When an issue is detected with equipment in your facility, we will provide recommendations for action with flexible scheduling options so you can plan ahead for downtime. We have a very large service department that has seen just about everything when it comes to mechanical systems.

Don't wait for a costly breakdown to occur, take proactive steps to ensure the reliability and longevity of your machines and equipment with our condition monitoring services. Contact us today to learn more.

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