Cooperative Contracts

Cooperative Contracts Through TIPS-USA

Simplify your access to MMC’s mechanical systems and services with a competitively priced contract through TIPS-USA. When you work with Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors through TIPS-USA, you will receive a contract that satisfies competitive bid requirements and includes our entire scope of services including HVAC systems, controls technology, and maintenance services.

Advantages of Cooperative Purchasing

  • Saves time, efforts and resources
  • Access to competitive pricing
  • Transparent process and simplified documentation
  • Contract is created in accordance with state’s regulations
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Benefits citizens by lowering total cost of government

Cooperative purchasing agreements through TIPS-USA are available for entities including:

  • K-12 school districts
  • Charter Schools
  • Colleges and Universities (State and Private)
  • Cities/Municipalities
  • Counties/Parishes
  • State Agencies
  • Emergency Services Districts
  • Non-profit organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service
  • Other entities with legislated purchasing/bidding requirements

Learn more about TIPS-USA:

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