Millennials are a prominent presence in today’s workforce. They have different preferences, working styles, and ideas than their Gen X or baby boomer counterparts. In general, millennials value efficiency, strong communication, and flexible work environments. With that in mind, here… Continue Reading

What is an Apprenticeship?

It’s no secret that the construction industry is facing a shortage of skilled and talented labor. More and more construction projects are popping up every day but the number of laborers able to complete the work is going down. Many… Continue Reading

Contractors can have open houses too

Open-houses aren’t just for realtors and home-buyers. Companies can also benefit from hosting open houses where they invite their customers, vendors and employees to their office for an event. Build relationships. Customer and partner events allow employees to have face-to-face… Continue Reading

Four Signs of a Successful Foreman

For construction contractors, successful projects mean future repeat business and a strong reputation in the industry. In many cases, the success of a project comes down to the foreman running the job. Foremen are tasked with completing high quality work… Continue Reading

Dear Project Managers: Try New Products

Project Managers have the ability to make material and equipment decisions on a daily basis. While many project managers prefer to stick with the same, standard product they’ve used before, there is an argument to be made for being open… Continue Reading

Healthy Buildings Guide

Air Quality Solutions Diagnosed Prescribed And Monitored By Mmc