Why is Preventative HVAC Maintenance Beneficial?

Cost Saver

Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance will save you money by reducing energy bills, preventing costly breakdowns, and prolonging the longevity of your system. 

Energy bills can be reduced by up to 30% if your system is running at peak efficiency. In a commercial environment, thirty percent of your energy is a large savings! 

By keeping your HVAC system well maintained, major malfunctions are less likely to occur as any issues will likely be caught before they turn into anything that requires a costly repair and down time. This practice can also extend the lifespan of your system by keeping it healthy and running smoothly. 

Less Strain on the Environment

By keeping your HVAC system running at optimal efficiency, you not only save on your energy costs, you also reduce your green footprint by using less fuel! You can further reduce your impact on the environment by choosing a system fueled by natural gas and installing a programmable thermostat to reduce the amount of energy used in the off hours. 

Improved Air Quality

Air in a commercial building can be filled with many allergens such as pet dander, pollen, mold, dust, cigarette smoke, and many more. These pollutants can cause many issues for people who are sensitive to allergens and/or have respiratory issues. Preventive maintenance can help keep your air as filtered as possible, providing the occupants of your building with clean air to breathe!

Improved Safety

By keeping your HVAC system running efficiently you are far less likely to experience any malfunctions, keeping your environment safe. This will protect the people in your building, the assets, and the structure itself. Not to mention avoiding the hassle of dealing with unsafe and damaging conditions. 

A malfunction in your HVAC system can cause extreme temperatures in your building. If the building is unoccupied over the weekend and the system malfunctions, you could end up coming back to a very cold building with frozen, burst pipes or a very uncomfortably hot building with lots of humidity. By keeping your system well maintained, you can avoid these unsafe conditions. 

Carbon monoxide, an odorless gas, is extremely dangerous if it leaks out of the heat exchanger. According to the Center for Disease Control, low levels of carbon monoxide exposure can cause serious health issues and in higher levels can be fatal. Every commercial building should be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors to alert occupants if there ever is a leak. A HVAC preventative maintenance routine will generally include a carbon monoxide test as an extra layer of protection. 

Commercial HVAC Service and Maintenance Providers

Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors provides premium mechanical services for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We offer flexible maintenance programs and service agreements based on the demands of your system! We will work with you to customize a plan to meet your requirements and the manufacturer’s recommendations.