How to Prepare Your Boiler for Winter

No one wants to experience boiler failure during the first cold snap of the year. Taking a few proactive steps to prepare your boiler can help ensure that your commercial building will stay warm throughout the winter months.

  1. Do a test turn-on – Turn your boiler on before the cold weather hits to assess if your boiler is ready for winter. If something is wrong with your boiler, it is better to know about it early on so you can fix it before the temperatures drop.
  2. Remove objects in the area – Make sure that flammable objects are not near your boiler equipment. Clear the area near your boiler’s floor space to help ensure the air intakes are not blocked.
  3. Bleed out the radiator – If your radiator is colder at the top than at the bottom, it may need to be bled out to release air that is trapped in the system. If this is not done, it can waste energy and money and place a strain on your system.
  4. Insulate pipes – Make sure your pipes are insulated to avoid freezes when temperatures drop below zero. If your pipes freeze, it can cause your boiler to shut off.
  5. Check your boiler pressure – Make sure that the pressure of your boiler is within normal range.
  6. Check for leaks, cracks, soot accumulation, obstructions and blockages –Inspect your boiler for any warning signs or signs of damage. Leaks, cracks and obstructions can cause failure of your boiler.
  7. Make sure carbon monoxide detectors are working – You will want to have working carbon monoxide detectors if your boiler starts to leak carbon monoxide. Having a working alarm will give you peace of mind as you start up your boiler for the winter.
  8. Get a service checkup – It is extremely important to have your boiler serviced by a professional who can inspect, repair and clean your boiler to get it ready for the winter season.

Contact MMC for Commercial Boiler Service

The team at Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors can service your boiler to prepare it for the winter ahead. Getting your boiler serviced will give you peace of mind that your building will remain warm and comfortable even as the temperatures outside turn colder. Our experience technicians will provide boiler tune-ups to maximize efficiency and prevent costly equipment failures.

With office locations in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis and Rochester, MN as well as Fargo, ND, the team at MMC is ready to help you with all your heating and boiler service needs. Don’t wait until the first cold day of the year for service, schedule a service appointment with us today!