Protect Your Facility and Occupants | Fire Smoke Damper Safety

Fire smoke dampers are critical parts of passive fire protection systems that protect a building and its occupants from the spread of smoke and flames throughout the building’s HVAC system. In order for fire smoke dampers to be effective, they need to be functioning and maintained to NFPA standards.

Is your fire smoke damper up to code?

These are the requirements fire smoke dampers must meet on inspection, according to the NFPA*:

  • One year after construction, fire smoke dampers in your building must be inspected and tested.
  • Periodic damper testing is required based on building type.
  • Acceptance testing of fire smoke dampers must be performed by a qualified professional with knowledge and understanding of the operating components.
  • Damper inspection includes verification that all equipment is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and that proper access is available.
  • Testing of actuated dampers requires the removal of the electric power or pneumatic air pressure from the actuator and ensuring that the damper closes properly.
  • Testing of non-actuated dampers requires the removal of the fusible link and ensuring that the damper closes.

*These guidelines may be impacted by local requirements, insurance requirements facility requirements.

Are your occupants and facility protected?

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 overlooked fire smoke damper issues. Click here to see the complete list.

Make sure your fire smoke damper is functioning properly

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