Commercial Heating & Cooling Systems

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Do you know the different types of heating and cooling systems that are available for your property? If you have a commercial property, you will want to find the best heating and cooling system to keep your building’s environment comfortable.

Single Split Systems

Single split heating and cooling systems are a popular, affordable system for smaller commercial buildings. A single split system typically includes an air conditioner, furnaces, and an evaporator coil. This system heats individual rooms and is controlled with a thermostat and a control panel.


  • Cheaper than a central system
  • Functionality of unit does not depend on other units


  • Can take up a lot of space because each indoor unit requires an outdoor unit

Multi Split Systems

Multi split HVAC systems are similar to single split systems except nine indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit. This system is typically used in restaurants, shops and offices.


  • Requires fewer outdoor units than a single split system


  • Higher cost of installation and time needed to install than a single split system

VRF Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems work well in medium to large mixed-use, retail, office, and hotel buildings. VRF systems use either heat pumps or heat recovery systems. Heat pumps provide either heating or cooling to open floor plan spaces while heat recovery systems can provide simultaneous heating and cooling for buildings with multiple rooms.


  • Easy installation – VRF systems are easy to install because they weight less than traditional chillers and can be installed in pieces.
  • Discreet design – VRF systems are quiet and easy to conceal.
  • Energy usage – This type of system is helps to minimize energy consumption.
  • Comfort – VRF systems allow for temperature controls by zone and are flexible.


  • More expensive to install than other systems

Installation and Maintenance of Heating & Cooling Systems

At Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors, we provide heating and cooling systems for commercial facilities. We design, build, and install HVAC systems. MMC can also provide maintenance for your heating and cooling systems. We will make sure your systems are functional and efficient with our preventative maintenance plans. If you are interested in learning more about heating and cooling systems from MMC, contact us today.