Why Owners Should Care About Building Controls

peron's finger touching button on mechanical system

In today’s tech-driven world, we have cellphones on our wrists, cars that drive themselves and smart speakers that respond to voice commands. Virtually every industry is experiencing shifts in technology and commercial construction is no exception. Building owners are investing in the latest building controls technology for their facility because of the overwhelming benefits. Advantages of controls in commercial facilities range from safety and health to cost savings and sustainability.

Here is a look at the four of the top benefits:

Occupant Health & Comfort

In the past few years, there has been a growing “workplace wellness” trend. Companies are investing heavily in improving employee productivity as well as recruiting and retaining new talent. One of the biggest areas employers are investing in is employee wellness. An example of an employee wellness initiative is increasing employee comfort. For instance, a common complaint from employees in office buildings is that they’re either too hot or too cold. Businesses are utilizing building technology to provide more control over the temperature in different areas of the office which helps to keep employees more comfortable by providing more control over the temperature in their work area.


Equipped with 24/7 visibility and access to your facility, you can provide security for your building, its’ occupants, and any valuable assets pertaining to your business such as IT, confidential data, or employee valuables. Building controls gives you the ability to control and monitor who is coming and going from your facility. With building automation technology, you can also put access controls in place for different areas of your building for added security.

Energy Savings

As we all know, HVAC and lighting are the biggest energy costs when it comes to commercial building utilities. With building automation systems, you can set schedules and controls for your heating, cooling and lighting. This translates into significant savings and is a great step towards sustainability in your facility.

Reduced equipment maintenance and repair costs

If your expensive equipment is running unnecessarily, it will need to be serviced and replaced more frequently than if it was operating at maximum efficiency. Building automation technology can help make sure your equipment is working as efficiently as possible which helps protect your investment. Building controls technology also helps prevent costly shutdowns and emergency repairs by predicting equipment failures early on so preventive measures can be taken. This is yet another area where building controls can have a financial and time savings.