‘Tools’ for Success in Construction: The Right Tools for the Job

cart filled with tools

As contractors, we have crews on multiple construction projects at a time – all with their own unique tasks and challenges. Each job site needs to be equipped with the right tools, equipment and PPE for every task. Providing the right resources for each job site can have a huge impact on your business. Don’t believe us? Here are three things to consider:


With proper pre-task planning, you can make sure your employees are equipped with the right tools, equipment, and safety gear for every job. That said, having the right tools and equipment won’t mean much if employees aren’t using them correctly.

It’s not uncommon for employees to modify or alter tools and equipment to cut corners when schedules are tight. In addition, employees might use the wrong tool for the task at hand as a result of poor training. This is why it’s so important to have a strong safety culture in your organization. Safety must always be the top priority above saving time or money. As contractors, we have a responsibility to make sure our employees are working safely every day. Altering tools, ladders, or personal protective equipment should never happen. This is especially relevant for helpers and apprentices just starting out in the trades who need adequate training to make sure they know what tools to use each for each task.

Time Savings

With the right tools and equipment, maximum efficiency can be achieved. Tools are designed to help us accomplish specific tasks easier and safely. Using the incorrect tool for a task not only can take longer to accomplish, but it could also result in injuries, mistakes, and shoddy workmanship. All of these will end up costing you more time and money than if the right tool had been used the right way from the start.

Quality Work

As previously discussed, when employees are using the wrong equipment, mistakes are bound to happen. Incorrect installation techniques can lead to leaks, damage to the equipment or to the surface being worked on. As a result of these issues, your reputation with your customer and your employees’ sense of pride in their work can be damaged. To be successful, you need your customers to trust you to complete the work at a high quality standard. In addition, your employees will feel proud of the work they do if they know it’s important to do it the right way, with the right tools.