Why Building Automation is Taking Over

Building automation

For building owners and facility managers, keeping a building’s mechanical systems working properly and efficiently can be a huge headache. This is where building automation and controls come in. Today’s building automation technology can have a huge impact on the way your facility operates.


Whether your building occupants are hotel guests, office employees or hospital patients, keeping your occupants comfortable, productive and healthy is a top priority. Building automation technology helps you ensure proper and consistent indoor air quality (IEQ) for your occupants. Building management technology can also help keep your occupants safe with security features that allow for increased visibility and monitoring in addition to control over who has access.


Running your facility takes money and resources. Reducing your overall energy usage is good for your wallet and for your carbon footprint. With controls technology, you can increase the efficiency of your building systems with features like real-time usage monitoring and optimized usage settings based on factors like the time of day, occupancy levels and even the weather. You can have complete visibility to where your system isn’t being cost-effective or efficient with real-time reports and analytics.


With automation technology, you can easily schedule preventive maintenance, detect equipment that isn’t performing properly, and have the flexibility in your system to ensure it meets the building’s needs today, tomorrow and in the far-off future.

For more on specific solutions for your facility, Distech Controls provides some great information on what building automation technology can do.