Inexpensive ways to reduce your energy bill

Energy savings

Heating a home in the fall and winter can be expensive. Fortunately, there are several simple and inexpensive ways to save on your monthly energy bill by improving your heating system’s efficiency.

Adjust your thermostat

One easy (and free) way to see significant cost savings is to simply adjust the thermostat to fit your heating needs. If you’re home for the day, set the temperature to the lowest degree that is still comfortable for you. If you’re heading off to work for the day or will be away for a weekend, lower the thermostat a few degrees and save some dollars.

Maintain your system

In order for your heating to be as efficient as possible, it needs to be working properly! It’s never a bad idea to schedule a maintenance appointment as the season changes to ensure everything is working as it should. In addition, your furnace filter should be changed every four to six weeks depending on your system’s specific needs.


Windows are a primary source of energy loss. Installing plastic films over drafty windows during the fall and winter months is great way to reduce that energy loss as well as the number on your energy bill.

Free tip: Let the sun heat your home! Open curtains and blinds on any windows that receive direct sunlight. The natural heat from the sunlight can help keep your home warm!