Student Housing: From Dorms to Community Dwellings

If you follow any building or design news publications, then you’ve probably noticed an influx of articles on trends in student housing.  It would appear that the days of traditional dormitories are coming to an end.  If you’re thinking this means the end of small living quarters, think again. Student bedroom sizes are expected to shrink to make room for common areas, study spaces and meeting rooms.

An article from BISNOW  explains that the industry expects to see a rise in these “live-learn” spaces in response to universities’ desire to promote “student engagement and academic success.” In an effort to encourage collaborative learning and engagement among students, colleges across the country are beginning to request more collaborative and creative spaces. With limited space for new construction on many campuses, square footage is being saved by downsizing student living quarters.

Downsized sleeping quarters doesn’t mean minimal facilities though. In a recent Building Design + Construction article, the author discussed the rise of apartment-like amenities in housing for students.  We’re talking about fitness centers, infinity pools, and even “concierge desks” being built in on-campus facilities. Suffice to say, the upcoming generations of college students will have an entirely different campus housing experience than that of their parents.

For a deeper dive into the trends impacting new student housing construction, the BISNOW  and Building Design + Construction  articles referenced previously both provide some great insight.