Dear Project Managers: Try New Products

Project Managers have the ability to make material and equipment decisions on a daily basis. While many project managers prefer to stick with the same, standard product they’ve used before, there is an argument to be made for being open to trying new products. Trying out new, innovative materials, gear, and tools can have the following benefits:

  1. Labor Benefits. In some cases, a new product might require less labor to install. For instance, a lighter weight piece of ductwork like KoolDuct will take fewer tradespeople to install and can be installed more quickly.
  1. Safety Benefits. On occasion, trying out a new product can lead to a safer install process which reduces the risk for injuries to occur on the jobsite. For example, that lighter weight KoolDuct product will be easier on the worker’s back to lift and install which can help reduce the chance for injury to occur.
  1. Promotes Competitive Pricing. Comparing standard products, tools, and materials with new alternatives makes competitive pricing possible and ensures you’re getting the best possible price for your project.
  1. Fuels Innovation. Openness to trying new products and installation techniques keeps Project Managers fresh minded and inventive in other aspects of their projects.
  1. Time Savings. In the construction industry where schedules are tight and deadlines are strict, it can be helpful to try out new materials or products for the potential time savings that some of them can offer.

Ultimately, it’s a Project Manager’s responsibility to analyze and review the product options available to them. Each project and install application is unique and it’s up to the project manager to select the right product for the job.