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MMC’s Construction Division is nationally recognized as one of the industry’s leading companies. Our extensive resume asserts experience in virtually every type of commercial construction. Thousands of building owners, contractors, and engineers across the Midwest have entrusted their business with MMC. We’ve assembled a team of the industry’s brightest talent to complete some of the region’s most prominent, high-profile buildings. Through our APM Academy/Internship Program, our project management team learns the entire business from the ground up, guaranteeing their understanding of all levels of construction. You won’t find a contractor who knows more than we do when it comes to complex mechanical systems.


Forward thinking is at the forefront of all designs. Our professional preconstruction engineers offer insight into effective designs and constructability at the beginning of the design stage. Our interdisciplinary design team consists of not only design engineers, but also field personnel in order to anticipate any problems that may arise at all levels of construction. All projects are created so we can provide the client with a final proposal that will have no contractor generated change orders. A significant percentage of a project’s overall cost may be due to loss of productivity during changes. We consider preplanning as a non-negotiable as this decreases those losses.


Our project managers and foremen endure rigorous on-going project management training. In addition, our logistical preplanning is second to none. You can relax knowing your budget will not be stretched due to efficiency problems. If even one pipe is delivered at the wrong time or to the wrong place, costs can add up fast. Our project managers, prefabrication shop, delivery schedules, and installers are all expertly coordinated so the right parts and equipment show up on time and at the right place.


Unlike many mechanical contractors, MMC employs a specific crew of experienced startup technicians to perform final equipment connections, start-up, commissioning, and closeout. These technicians ensure everything is fully functional and commissioned in accordance with the plans and specifications designed in the preconstruction phase. This assures the customer of a high quality project built to their specifications.

MMC also provides commercial HVAC service and maintenance. After the installation of your system, the service technicians at MMC can help set up a preventative maintenance plan to keep your system running smoothly. In addition, we also provide 24-hour emergency service for your HVAC systems.

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