University of Minnesota Northrop Auditorium

U of M Northrop Auditorium

Project Details:

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Owner: University of Minnesota

The renovated Northrop Auditorium serves as a centerpiece for students, artists, faculty, and audiences. MMC worked hand-in-hand with the University of Minnesota, JE Dunn, and HGA for the length of the project. The main attraction is the redesigned auditorium space. The two significant changes within the auditorium include downsizing the capacity from 4,800 to 2,700 and increasing the number of balconies from one to three. MMC installed four air handling units with a capacity of 172,000 CFM to heat and cool the majority of the building. A chilled beam system conditions the basement and a few spaces on ground level. Other mechanical systems include VFDs, a desiccant energy wheel, heat recovery wheel, steam heat exchanger, and fan coil units.

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